Hi, I am Jiaxin (Jason) Zhang

SDE Intern at Amazon Web Services

Hello, everyone. My name is Jiaxin (Jason) Zhang. Nice to meet you! I am currently a bachelor computer science student studying at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. In the summer of 2017, I am a SDE Intern at Amazon Web Services.

Work Experiences

Amazon Web Services

Seattle, WA
SDE Intern
June 2017 - Present

Digi International

Minnetonka, MN
SDE Intern
April 2016 - May 2017

  • Researched and established the communication between Mighty Gecko radio and Xbee Wifi Gateway using Zigbee Network (C and EmberZNet; In team of 3)
  • Automated coffee machine project (More info in Highlighted Projects section)
  • Created multiple servers (Echo, COAP, etc) for user evaluation on Xbee product
  • Developed tests on Xbee Cellular products
  • Developed examples on sending HTTP and COAP protocol messages via Digi Xbee Cellular product in C and Python.
  • Developed C code to support DNS lookup for Xbee Cellular.
  • Created MicroPython documentation and code examples on Xbee Cellular MicroPython documentation and performed user testing on the documentation
  • Online Forum QA on Digi product community

U Minnesota - Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN
Research Assistant
November 2015 - Present
  • ShareTable
    • Assisted in paper writing
    • Performed literature review
    • Obtained $1800 UROP funding on project
    • Assisted in solving Visual Echo problem
  • Wikipedia Small Language Analysis
    • Performed data mining and statistical analysis on small language editions against time and composer ratio between bot and human

U Minnesota - Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN
Teaching Assistant
September 2015 - Present
  • Assisted professors in CSCI 2011 (Discrete Math and Structure)
  • Answered students' questions in office hour and emails
  • Graded homework and quizzes
  • Assisted graduate students in discussion class
  • Proctored Exams


BS Computer Science

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
2014 - 2018

Professional Skills

Top Skills


3 years
  • Used Python to develop code on MicroController, such as Pyboard and Xbee, and code to support XBee at COAP protocol.
  • Used Bottle framework at creating websites.
  • Mined data and performed statistical analysis on Wikipedia small language editions
  • Used Bottle framework to create websites with HTML, CSS and JS.


2 years
  • Modified open-sourced OS161 Kernel project on different process scheudling algorithms, user-call implementation and virtual memory system (Page table + Swapping). Projects were done really well, but I cannot open source it due to a professor request.
  • Developed code on conducting DNS and HTTP protocols.

C# & Windows Service

1 year
  • Worked with two other students and a principal engineer leader from Medtronic.
  • Developed a MVC RESTful server consists of multiple Windows services in C#

Other Skills


Currently Exploring

AWS technology JS Meteor/Node.js

Highlighted Projects

Project Description

Python/Bottle Framework

This project was inspired by bathroom stall usage traffic at my Digi International summer internship. As a "lazy" person, I'd love to avoid running into an occupied stall, then I would have to wait or find another one. Thus, I created the device to monitor the occupancy of a bathroom stall to a web server

About Device
The device consists of a micro-controller Pyboard, Xbee Wifi, a switch and a power

source. The Xbee device will transmit the data to a web server about the occupancy of the bathroom. The web server will serve users a web view portal; thus, users can simply check the status of bathroom on the website without physically check the bathroom. The device was running for a week, and a user testing study was conducted. Out of all people surveyed, majority of people (>80%) voted the device useful and used the device.

The device won 2nd place in annual intern personal project competitions at Digi International.

Project Description

I joined in Grouplens PRODUCT Lab as an undergraduate research assistant for Professor Lana Yarosh. I am interested in ShareTable, a projector-camera system which brings two remote sites together with a commonly shared physical workspace. Its main challenges include multi-user connections and visual echo problem. I have been working with a PhD student and a master student advised by professor.

About Device
The device (HP Sprout) uses the projector-camera system. Each site uses the camera to capture its local image and delivers to the remote site. The remote site projects the image upon its physical space. With this, the device connects both

sites and creating a commonly shared workspace.

My role
My role is to assist literature review analysis on the system and conduct the user study about the multiuser system study in the Fall of 2017. The purpose of my study is to analyze this new technology tool for multi-user collaboration with a provided shared physical workspace. Then, the study can propose implication of design and performance evaluation for future research. The system is important because it can influence real-world. For example, it promotes distance learning and collaboration among workers and students.

My research study is awarded by Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program with $1800 funding.

Project Description

Python/Bottle Framework

This project was accomplished on my internship at Digi International. The project was originally a demo for Xbee Cellular product. The project was further modified with my inspiration on customized brewing, time clock and security features. I, with another computer engineering intern, accomplished the project together.

About Device
The device was built ground up from a simple Mr. Coffee machine. It consists of the coffee machine, infrared and temperature sensors, pyboard and Xbee Cellular. The device

reports to a web server, and the user can connect to the website UI and remotely control the device or text commands to it with a cellular device. The device accepts user commands on changing its machine time, weekly automate brewing setting (analogous to weekly alarm on smartphone) and password reset. The device reports the status of the coffee machine, such as proper insertion of pot, coffee water level in the pot, status of brewing/keeping warm/off and temperature of coffee. The device automatically disables brewing at improper situations. For example, the water level is too high in the pot, and the pot is not inserted. It can also keep coffee warm after brewing. The device needs password authentication to avoid malicious operations from others.

Outside View

Inside View

Demo about device usage. Hope you like it!

Front View 45 Degrees

Back View 45 Degrees

Inside View

Back View

View Site A

View Site B

View Site B

View Site B

Get in Touch

I am super excited about learning new technology and working on interesting projects. Please feel free to reach out to me if you shared the same passion. I enjoy creating different services, devices and applications.

You can reach me best via email.zhan3507@umn.edu